Investing in Innovations

CDE S.A. in its strategy based on risk diversification – investing the financial surpluses in the new areas of scientific research – has focused on two fields.

I Investment in the renewable energy sources
II Investment in the new technologies in the IT area

I Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources lately have been founding greater and greater application, and they are extensively used.
The main reason for this growing popularity is the fact, that the renewable energy has a neutral impact on environment and is inexhaustible. These features distinguish the renewable energy from the conventional sources, exploitation of which is believed to be the main reason for the climate change. What is more, the world resources needed for the conventional energy production will soon be completely used up. It is estimated thet the coal sources will last the longest – 220 years. 60 years is how long the natural gas sources will be available. Finally the crude oil is expected to be used up in 30-40 years. The perspective of using up all of these resources, as well as the damage done to the environment by using them make people look for reliable alternatives.

The sources of renewable energy can be categorized in 5 areas:

  • Geothermal Energy
  • Biomass Energy
  • Wind Power
  • Solar Power
  • Hydro-power

CDE S.A. has started a process of building relations with companies and institutions working in the field of renewable energy sources. Currently we are involved (capital and advisory wise) in the INVENTI S.A. company, which is a part of NewConnect market. INVENTI is a company, which is involved in widely understood energy market. The company focuses on preparing new projects in the area of renewable energy sources. It also prepares itself for trade and distribution of electrical energy by means of so called balance groups. Advisorship in the field of using free energy market and use of energy audits connected with introduction of innovative technologies and leading energy projects is another relevant element in the company’s activity.

INVENTI S.A. provides advisorship and consulting services in the scope of energy use rationalization. The company also conducts activities aim of which is to develop the renewable energy sources area and increase of their part in the total balance of energy production. Such activity is aimed at limiting the greenhouse gases emission, carbon dioxide in particular. The company’s activity is focused mostly on the northern region of Poland.

CDE S.A. is also a shareholder of Aero Silesia Wind S.A company.
Aero Silesia Wind S.A. works in the field of wind energy, which is one of the elements of the renewable energy sources market. It is a part of Aero Group capital group, the leader of which is Aero Investment Fund S.A. company. Its activity is focused mostly on the southern region of Poland.

II New Technologies in the IT Sector

CDE S.A. carries out widely understood capital investments in this field, being an important shareholder of WEEDO S.A. company. WEEDO is mobile application developer, it creates mobile applications together with dedicated server software. It also creates CMS for content management.

  • has a team of experienced, creative and ambitious computer programmers and graphic designers who specialize in creating mobile applications
  • it is a part of the NewConnect market.
  • it provides a 4 year period of technical support and maintenance after introduction of the application.
  • it provides the design, production, testing and distribution processes for the mobile applications.
  • it executes iOS and Android dedicated projects, both for tablets and smartphones
  • it has a great deal of experience in creating complicated systems between server and the mobile application

CDE S.A. indirectly took part in the process of launching MGM System company on the NewConnect market.
It is a minor shareholder of the MGM Systems S.A., providing advisorship in the strategic and operational management including among others IT environment. The company supports enterprises in the field of finances, production processes, logistics and Human Resources management. The annual income for 2011 was 3,5 million PLN, while net income was 0,31 million PLN

CDE S.A. indirectly takes part in the process of launching Netwise S.A company.
Netwise is a consulting company specialized in providing CRM / CEM solutions and business support systems in accordance with xRM idea. It provides a full range of services, from consulting support (vision of CRM strategy, business analysis), through CRM systems implementations, to solution hosting (Software-as-a-Service, Private Cloud models) and support of IT infrastructure (server and Line-of-Business systems management). Netwise bases its services mainly on Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Exchange Server, BizTalk i Microsoft Office SharePoint Server in particular. Based on these platforms, integrated solutions are provided. These solutions help our clients to organize their work perfectly, and base their contact with clients on the proper background. The company has, three times in a row, been awarded with a title of Partner of the Year in the scope of Dynamics CRM. The last award, in 2012, was given to Netwise S.A. by Microsoft representatives during the annual Microsoft Strategy Partner Conference. The criteria for being awarded with the title were even more strict that year than earlier, therefore it is a great success for the company to get this prize in the year 2012. Netwise has again confirmed its position in the Microsoft technology based CRM systems implementation market.