About Us

The company Centrum Doradztwa Ekonomicznego S.A (Economic Advisorship Centre Co.) had its beginnings on August 3rd 2009 as a private enterprise under a name of Centrum Doradztwa Ekonomicznego “Partners” Alina Przyborowska – Bednarowicz (Partners Economic Advisorship Centre Alina Przyborowska Bednarowicz), and subsequently, due to the transformation into a joint-stock company changed the name to the present one.

CDE S.A. Specializes in providing services on the capital market. The basic activity of the company is directed at financial mediation in the securities market. As a result of providing the services connected with financial mediations CDE has signed contracts with X-Trade Brokers and the biggest Authorized Advisers who work in the NewConnect and Catalyst markets. CDE, working in the capital market invests financial surpluses in new technologies in the IT area, as well as in the renewable energy sources.
It also provides services of mediation on the Polish market of enterprise valuing for purposes of fusion, overtaking and planned publicizing. The processes of connection in between the companies and the concentration of assets connected with this process are a basis for development of the economic subjects in the contemporary market economy. Detailed information can be found on our website in the „Fusions and Takeovers” section.

CDE S.A. is the owner of a website www.cdesa.pl (www.cdepartners.pl), which lets the employees of the company present the analysis of exchange companies. Carrying out a meticulous research, including both the internal situation of the company as well as its surroundings and taking into account tche technical tools have made the website popular. At the current moment it gets few thousand hits per month. The meticulous research, logic of the arguments used and high efficiency of the analysis let CDE S.A. start cooperation with the most important financial institutions in the country.